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Pineapple cake  |  Brown Sugar Ginger Tea Cube
Eight Immortals Dried Fruit  |  Dong Ding Oolong Tea

鳳梨酥  | 黑糖薑母茶
八仙果  |  凍頂烏龍茶



Peanut Brittle  |  花生糖



Ceramic Mug  |  陶瓷杯



Sun Cake  |  Specialty Tea Box

太陽餅  |  奶茶禮盒



Cubic Pastry  |  方塊酥



Mochi  |  蔴糬



Marlin Fish Floss  |  Iron Egg

旗魚鬆  |  鐵蛋

Taipei 臺北

Pineapple Cake


Pineapple cake is a famous snack in Taiwan. With the Chinese and Western combination of crispy and sweet taste, it is enjoyed by westerners as well and becomes Taiwan's favourite souvenir. Taiwan is rich in pineapples, and in the folk, pineapple means the good fortune. Therefore, the pineapple cake is the most popular in Taiwan.


Brown Sugar Ginger Tea Cube


Ginger tea is a kind of tea, which is usually made from ginger and brown sugar. It tastes spicy, and it is easy to brew. It has many effects to prevent colds in spring and autumn, moisten throats in summer and warm body in winter.

薑母茶是一種茶飲,一般由老姜及黑糖或紅糖所作成,口味辛辣,而隨身包的產品,更使薑母茶便於沖泡飲用,具有春秋預防感冒、夏季潤喉 冬天則可暖身祛寒功效。

Eight Immortals Dried Fruit


Ancient preach the Eight Immortals Fruit is used "citron melon" (similar to orange melon and fruit) to made. With the modern technique, it is made by grapefruit. Production method is to divide the grapefruit, and fill in the dried tangerine, orange peel, pinellia tuber, tuckahoe, liquorice, Er Chen Tang, borneol and so on. These processed grapefruit dry in the shade, then slices namely into the eight immortals fruit.


Dong Ding Oolong Tea


Dong Ding oolong tea is a light semi-fermented tea. Its characteristics are that the shape is curled into a hemispherical, the color is dark green and oily. After brewing, the tea soup is yellowish green and bright, and it is with fresh and flower smell. The quality of Tung Ding oolong tea has always been favored by consumers and is popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia.


Taoyuan 桃園

Peanut Brittle


Peanut candy is a kind of candy. It is very common in China, Western Europe and the United States. Peanut candy is made by mixing peanuts, maltose and sugar into a thick state, which is cooled and solidified and cut into small pieces. The main materials of traditional peanut candy are extremely simple. In recent years, various production methods have been innovated, such as peanut jelly and peanut crisp candy or various auxiliary materials have been added, such as sesame flavor.


Yingee 鶯歌

Ceramic Mug


The story about Yingge Ceramics should be started from Jianshanpu Road. Here is the birthplace of Yingge Ceramics, also known as the old ceramic street. As early as the Qing Jiaqing dynasty, Wu An and others from Quanzhou, Fujian Province began to make pottery here. Because of the large amount of soil suitable for pottery in the area, as well as the nearby mountains and forests, the firewood is sufficient for the kiln, the local ceramic industry has developed. The production of ceramics of Yingge has gradually evolved from general household goods to high quality industrial porcelain and architectural porcelain.


Taichung 臺中

Sun Cake


Sun cake is one of Taiwan's snacks. It is a sweet-filled pancake with a maltose. It is a snack from Taichung City and is one of Taichung's famous products. The name of the sun cake was not registered, so that the same name could be used by the same store. The shape of the sun cake is similarly round, the cake skin is crisp and brittle, and it is easy to fall when eaten.


Specialty Tea Box


A good journey is not about how many places you’ve traveled to. It’s the stories you’ve encountered during your trips that truly matter. Let 3:15pm Milk Tea accompany you during your trips. From a little town story, to the memory of a city, hang out in Taiwan with 3:15pm Milk tea.


Hualien 花蓮



Mochi (Japanese: Mochi; English: Rice cake) is a kind of sticky rice food. It is a traditional Chinese snack. It is common in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and mainland China, and also very popular in East Asia. After being introduced to Japan, it was also loved by the Japanese.

麻糬(日語:餅/もちMochi;英語:Rice cake)是一種糯米製的食物,軟而有黏性,為中國的傳統小吃,在香港,臺灣,中國大陸都常見,在東亞地區十分流行,後傳入日本,也被日本人所喜愛。

Chiayi 嘉義

Cubic Pastry


The cube pastry is made from flour, butter or lard, sesame and sugar. It is a square block and tastes crispy. It has a thick cream and sesame flavor. It is excellent mate for tea. The cube pastry is derived from Mingguo Road, which is known as the Noodle Street. It is a local area where many veterans were operating their business. The competition is fierce. So some people have improved the biscuits into cube pastry. The competition is emulated, which the old Yang cube pastry are the most famous.


kaohsiung 高雄

marlin Fish Floss


Sailfish contains a large amount of nutrients such as fish oil, protein, fat, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and B vitamins, which have high nutritional value and are the best tonic. Regular consumption of nutrients to supplement the body also has a certain auxiliary effect on the improvement of the digestive system. Sailfish floss is suitable for all people and is a healthy food for all ages.


Iron Egg


Iron eggs are one of marinated eggs. The process for iron eggs is very time consuming. Every day, it is necessary to use special material containing soy sauce and spiced formula. After three hours of boiling, and then blow it off with a fan. It must be made according to this procedure every day. It takes one week to complete the iron egg production.




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